InEight Acquires BASIS

A Letter From InEight’s CEO

I’ve been in construction for more than 20 years. Throughout my career, I’ve constantly looked at the challenges of our industry in delivering capital projects on time and on budget, and I thought to myself – there has to be a better way. We founded InEight on that very idea, focusing on developing technology solutions for every stage of a capital project to improve project performance, reduce risks and drive predictable results.

Today, we are taking a significant step forward in our vision of helping the industry deliver projects on time and on budget. We have acquired a software company called BASIS to tackle one of the most critical aspects of every capital project – planning and scheduling. With BASIS, we will now provide the industry with an artificial intelligence (AI) planning software tool that allows them to more accurately forecast large, complex capital projects. It will help our customers develop much more realistic project plans and schedules, finally putting their project teams in a position to succeed.

We were impressed by the BASIS technology because it will allow our customers to easily tap into the decades, and even centuries, of experience within their teams and pull historical insights into their project plans. It is also designed to enhance the CPM scheduling tools in place today, guiding planners through the process of building a project plan. Additionally, just like all InEight solutions, the software is built for capital projects by experts who understand the complexities we face on projects of all sizes.

Along with the technology, we are pleased to welcome BASIS’ talented team of experts to InEight. This includes BASIS CEO and Founder Dr. Dan Patterson, who will join my leadership team as chief design officer. Dan is a recognized expert, and with InEight, he will be able to accelerate his vision for improving the planning and scheduling process for capital projects.

We are excited to expand our team and solutions into this new area and bring our customers one step closer to predictably delivering capital projects on time and on budget – with certainty.



Jake Macholtz
Chief Executive Officer, InEight

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