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About the InEight Cloud Platform

InEight’s Cloud based solution comprises a suite of purpose-built, integrated products. This integrated suite ensures stakeholders share a single version of project truth across all stages of the project life cycle, enabling them to make accurate and timely decisions.

This modular and integrated product approach facilitates the cross-product sharing of users, roles, documents, reports and other project data, minimizing data rework and duplicate data entry, while offering robust APIs, enabling custom integrations between our tools and your third-party software applications, helping you to connect data and processes, assuring you get the most out of your existing investments.



Technical Executive

Due to the disparate nature of our data, systems and people, it requires significant time to create and maintain an environment where we can access a single and complete view of our operations and investments.

Project Manager

I cannot invest in heavy custom development to get visibility to our data across all of our tools.

System Administrator

Our data is siloed and is often replicated across applications.

Project Manager

Our processes need to be managed whenever they cross roles and tools. This can result in manual processes which are time-consuming and prone to error, even on the smallest of projects.

Information Technologist

Every time we integrate new or existing tools into new business processes, it's difficult and tedious.

Project Manager

We have specialty tools that we want to use on projects, and our clients often require us to use their process and tools. While these are all helpful, they’re difficult to manage across the entire project life cycle.

Modular, Deployable Solutions

InEight’s web and mobile-based modular solutions are easily deployed with minimal-to-no hardware or software required to install and maintain. The platform is delivered through a portfolio of purpose-built modular products capable of working independently, or in combination, and optimized to address your business requirements.

Role-Based Personalized Views and Access

Simplify the task of maintaining users, with on-the-fly role and permission adjustments to match the speed of change on a project. Ensure both your internal and external users have access to the right information at every stage of a project, and you can react rapidly to changing job site conditions and shifts in business operations.

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