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Industry processes are vast and complex. To bring the best fit-for-purpose, comprehensive solutions to our shared customers, collaboration and open development will be critical. Our integration partners help extend the solution ecosystem for the industry by building bridges to other software products, creating new add-ons and extensions off the InEight platform, or are experts at specific point-to-point integrations.

We equip our partners with the right resources and support to be successful, and offer real estate to showcase builds via the InEight Exchange.

Why Build with InEight?


When in doubt, we default to transparency and sharing. We believe in supporting an open, modern development community and encourage rampart collaboration among our partners and customers.


This isn't for show. We hold our partners to high standards and ensure alignment to the larger mission.


Ready to launch? Integration partners will be listed and promoted on the InEight Exchange.

Integration Partners

We are particularly interested in alliances that bring emerging technology and/or industry adjacent solutions to Construction. If you have an offering in any of these areas, we would love to hear from you!


Experts at connecting solutions with a focus on exceptional customer experiences.


Third-party technology, integrations, connectors, extensions, and any other solutions built on, around, or to the InEight platform.

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