Recorded Webinars

Hear from InEight experts and industry thought leaders on the latest trends in technology for capital projects and best practices to help you improve project performance.

How to Mitigate Risk Through Change Management Integration

Effective change management is key to project success.

A Better Crystal Ball for Planners and Schedulers

Your must have strategies for proactive risk prediction.

Encuentre el Software Adecuado para Su Negocio

Participe con nosotros y eschuche como fue el viaje de uno de nuestros contratistas en su recorrido de cómo eligió la solución adecuada para los procesos de estimación.

Tips for Finding a Construction Document Workflow That Fits Your Needs

Explore a better way to manage the workflow of project information.

The Pitfalls of Using Email Attachments for Construction Document Reviews

What process does your project team use to review and approve project documents? Please don’t say sending around emails with attached documents.

Seven Surefire Tricks for Getting Bids Prepared with Confidence

In this webinar, learn seven tricks that are sure to help you bid more efficiently on work that’s actually worth chasing.

Is Project Email the Black Sheep of Document Control?

During this webinar, we will explore the value of linking project emails to other project items.

On Ramps and Off Ramps: Keeping Talented AEC Women Engaged

Enjoy our ENR Panel discussion on women in the AEC industry.

How to Accurately Account for Overhead & Indirect Costs 

Explore the wide range of indirect costs to consider and how to more accurately account for them in various cost estimating situations.

Why the Project Planner Doesn't Always Know Best

A CPM plan is just a starting point in building an accurate and achievable plan. Team expertise and buy-in are also key to ensuring project success.

Eliminate the Pain of Finding Your Documents

The average construction professional wastes 5½ hours per week searching for documents. There’s a better way to locate the information your team needs.

Drive Project Success with a Single Source of Truth

Save time, mitigate risk, improve communication and streamline turnover by using a single source of data.

Real-life Tips to Choosing the Right Estimating Solution

Before you decide upon an estimating solution, watch this webinar for helpful tips to make the right decision.

Six Ways to Improve the Benchmarking of Your Project Plans

In this new webinar, learn how to improve your benchmark for project forecasting. Incredibly helpful knowledge for every project.

Connected Analytics: The next game changer in construction​

Learn how connected analytics is your silver bullet for improving project efficiency, increasing project insight and keeping projects on schedule, all leading to project success.

Create Consistent Estimates for Less Risk & More Profit

This webinar details proven estimating approaches that can keep your margins intact and reduce the risks caused by variation.

Harness the Power of AI for Faster, Accurate Plans

This webinar is a hands-on introduction to how planners and schedulers can benefit from next-gen CPM planning techniques.

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